Venue Partner Program

Venue Partner Program

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eWed is constantly striving to create new and innovative no-cost solutions for our venue partners.

The eWed Venue Partner Program is your one-stop shop for everything you need to see and do regarding insurance for events at your venue!

  • It’s free to join the program
  • Complete listing of all your clients in one place and the ability download your Certificates of Additional Insurance
  • Ability to add new clients and send them a reminder email to buy insurance
  • Update / change your venue’s COI requirements
  • Listing of all clients who started an insurance application but who have not completed their purchase
  • Personalized Application Link which opens an application with all your venue info pre-filled in for your clients
  • Download a custom PDF brochure linking to your Personalized Application which you can email to your clients
  • Request printed brochures to handout to prospective new clients

Reminder: eWed is the only company that automatically matches any insurance purchased listing your venue with your insurance requirements and emails you a copy of your Certificate of Additional Insurance. The days of chasing after your clients at the last minute trying to get a copy of your COI are over!

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