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General Questions (17)

That’s simple, right here at eWed Insurance.

Weddings are expensive and things do go wrong and wedding insurance is the best way to protect yourself against the risk of financial loss or if you are sued for an injury, accident or property damage.

Wedding Insurance and Event Insurance provides you with financial protection in case of unforeseen circumstances turn your special day into a total disaster. There are two types of insurance that cover weddings and events: Cancellation Insurance also known as loss of deposit insurance and Liability Insurance.

Wedding cancellation insurance protects you from financial loss if you need to postpone or cancel your wedding. Cancellation insurance can reimburse you for lost deposits due to factors like fires, floods, severe weather, accidents, injuries, unemployment, military deployment, vendor now-shows, vendor bankruptcies, etc. Liability insurance protects you from being held financially liable for property damage, medical expenses for bodily injury or an alcohol-related accident. For weddings, the insurance provides three full days of coverage, including your rehearsal dinner, wedding day, and post-wedding brunch.

It’s a good idea to purchase a policy as soon as you begin paying venue or vendor deposits. Caterers, photographers and other vendors usually require a significant non-refundable deposit up front, with the remainder due by the day of your wedding. Cancellation insurance can be purchased up to 2 years prior the wedding. Most people purchase Cancellation insurance as soon as they start to put down deposits since that is when you have money at risk. Both cancellation and liability insurance can be bought up to 24 hours before the wedding or special event.

eWed’s liability insurance starts at only $119, and our cancellation insurance starts at $75 for $5,000 in coverage. All insurance has ZERO deductibles. To purchase insurance please click on this link to open an application. You will be walked through the application process which only takes about 3 minutes. After you complete your purchase, all policy documents will automatically be emailed to you.

You should purchase coverage for your wedding for the total amount that you will be spending on your wedding. This includes the Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding, Honeymoon and Farewell Brunch.

eWed Insurance’s wedding cancellation coverage can be purchased up to the day before your wedding. If purchased less than 14 days prior to the wedding date, there are exclusions for cancellation or postponement due to severe weather. eWed Liability Insurance’s wedding liability coverage can be purchased up to one (1) day prior to your event date. Both cancellation and liability coverage can be purchased up to 2 years prior to the wedding date.

When deciding who to purchase wedding insurance from you want to look at the amount of coverage provided, what types of situations are covered and the strength and reputation of both the company selling you the insurance and the insurance company underwriting the coverage. With eWed, you have best in class coverage in all categories.

No, not a penny!

No, insurance coverage is available for only for weddings and events scheduled to take place in the United States. Also, the Insured needs to reside in the United States.

You will need to ask your homeowners agent if it’s available. Keep in mind, coverage may be less through eWed and if you have to make a claim, with eWed your homeowners policy premiums won’t go up.

Tokio Marine / HCC, which was founded 1879, has over 3,000 employees, and an A.M. Best rating of A++ Superior (highest rating possible).

Yes! Typically, in less than 1 hour.

That is simple, check out our Google Reviews, Verified Reviews, and Press page to see what is being said about us.

It’s actually really easy to file a claim with eWed Insurance. You can Simply visit our website and click on the claims button on the bottom of our homepage. We will respond to all claims in a timely manner so there are no delays in processing your claim.

Every type of insurance policy contains certain exclusions to coverage. The most common exclusion in all insurance policies is the exclusion for pre-existing or known conditions. That is, if the condition you are looking to make a claim on existed prior to purchasing the policy, then the condition is excluded from coverage.

Cancellation and Postponement exclusions include the following:

  1. Covid-19 and Pandemic related losses.
  2. Non-Appearance of persons other than a honoree or their Immediate Family Members.
  3. Deployment to a base less than 150 miles from the event.
  4. Lack of funds (other than caused by unemployment).
  5. Cancellation or postponement due to the voluntary decision of an honoree (“change of heart”).
  6. Weather conditions, unless so extreme as to prevent an honoree, honoree’s immediate family or more than 50% of the guests from reaching the event venue, or which renders the event venue unusable or unsafe.
  7. Failure of the photographer or videographer to meet anyone’s expectations of style or quality.
  8. Theft that is not reported to the police in a timely manner.

Liability exclusions include the following:

  1. Bodily injury or property damage caused by an intentional act.
  2. Bodily injury or property damage arising out of the use of any motor vehicle, aircraft, or watercraft.
  3. Bodily injury or property damage that does not occur at the wedding venue.
  4. Bodily injury or property damage occurring outside the coverage dates for the wedding.
  5. Workers compensation and/or employment claims.
  6. Claims arising out of a criminal act.
  7. Claims arising out of the use of pyrotechnics, fireworks and/or lasers. (sparklers are allowed if used outdoors).

The above examples are for reference purposes only and are not intended to be a comprehensive list of all exclusions. For a complete list of policy exclusions and their specific details, please refer to the actual wording of each policy. Kindly, keep in mind, specific coverage questions can only be answered after a claim has been made and a claims adjuster has been assigned to investigate the claim. All claims are handled on an individual basis in accordance with the terms of your insurance policy.

Click here to view your insurance policy

Coverage Questions (19)

That is simple, we then provide you with a full refund. Our Liability policies come with a money back guarantee if not accepted by your venue.

If an accident or illness prevents a honoree or an immediate family member from attending the wedding, eWed Wedding Insurance will provide coverage, as long as illness is not due to a pre-existing medical condition. Excludes Covid-19 related illness.

Yes, if a honoree is serving full-time, active duty in the armed forces, police, or fire department, and must postpone the wedding due to withdrawal of a previously granted leave eWed Insurance will provide coverage. 

Yes, deposits you have already made can be covered, as long you did not know of a reason for a loss at the time you purchase the insurance.

Yes, Honeymoon expenses are covered. It is important to include the Honeymoon expense in the total budget of your eWed Wedding Cancellation Policy purchase. 

Yes, coverage is provided if weather conditions are extreme enough to prevent the honoree or majority of guests from attending your wedding. 

Yes, wedding gifts that are lost or damaged seven days prior to and seven days after your wedding are covered up to the applicable limit set forth in your policy. There is a limit on cash, checks, and gift cards. 

Yes, the policy provides coverage for special attire that is lost, stolen, or damaged before the wedding. Special attire includes the wedding dress, bridal accessories, and tuxedo. 

Yes, eWed Insurance’s policy provides coverage if your film or digital images are lost or damaged before you receive them from the photographer. The policy does not cover photographer errors such as blurry, underexposed, or overexposed images. 

Yes, coverage runs past midnight for events at the same location.

Easy, simply send an email to or can reply to any email you have from us with your Customer ID in the subject line. In the email please let us know the venue owner’s name and we will add them for no additional cost.

No, sorry they are excluded from coverage.

No, sorry any illness due to Covid is excluded from coverage.

Yes, our Liability insurance covers up to 3 days prior to the event for set up and 2 days after the event for tear down.

Host Liquor Liability is included with our policies at no additional charge. Keep in mind, if someone sneaks in alcohol you could be liable even though it was not provided by you.

Host Liquor Liability is included in all our policies for no additional charge and can cover you (the host) if you are sued for a liquor related injury or property damage. This coverage is for individuals and not for people or companies in the business of serving, selling or distributing alcohol. It’s important to remember that whoever is serving the alcohol (including beer and wine) at your event must have their own liability insurance naming you as an additional insured on their policy. The only exception to this is where you are having a self-server bar for your guests.

A Waiver of Subrogation is an endorsement to your liability policy that prohibits an insurance company from seeking reimbursement for paid claims from the venue’s insurance policy. You do not need to buy this coverage unless your venue’s contract is requiring you to do so.

Med Exp is no fault medical coverage for people (other than yourself) who are injured at your event. Sometimes a guess is injured at an event due to no fault other than their own or it’s simply an accident that no one caused. This is what Med Exp. can cover. If you are responsible for causing the injury, then you have the full policy available to you.

First party property coverage provides protection for the Insured’s own property and is covered under eWed’s policy. One exception to this is for events at the Insured’s home or other real property owned by the Insured. Damage to the Insured’s property in this situation is not covered under the policy.

Application Questions (11)

Visit our homepage and simply click on the Quote & Buy Now button. You will be walked through a simple application that takes less than 3 minutes to complete. You are under no obligation to buy until you enter your credit card number and hit “Submit Payment”. The final step of the process will summarize the quote, show limits and exclusions, as well as final pricing.

You will receive your insurance documents in less than 3 minutes.

Once you complete your purchase, policy documents (COI’s) are automatically emailed to you. If you requested a COI for your venue, we will also automatically copy them on the email to you.

Your venue is asking to be added (named) as an Additional Insured because if you or any of your guests cause any damage to the venue or an injury at the event, the venue wants to be able to make a claim directly on your insurance policy. This does not cost you anything and allows the venue to go after your insurance company vs. you for damages or injuries. You can name your venue and the venue owners or managers as Additional Insureds. Vendors cannot be named as an Additional Insured.

The good news is we have a database of over 25,000 venues across the U.S. and your venue along with their special wording requirements are already known to us. All you need to do is enter your venue’s name on the online application and we will do the rest. If for any reason, your venue requires different wording, just drop us an email after you purchase, and we will make the change free of charge.

Simply email us at and we will make the change free of charge, as long as you are not asking for any coverage increase.

Enter the number of guests you expect on the day of the wedding. An estimate is fine.

Enter the middle date (your wedding date if having a rehearsal dinner, wedding, and farewell brunch).

Don’t worry, we can provide insurance for a whole host of event types. Our ability to automatically issue insurance is limited to the event types listed on our website. If your event type is not listed, click here to download our custom insurance application.

These amounts are called Sub limits and only apply if the wedding is not canceled or postponed and there is an issue with a particular vendor. For example, if your florist does not show up, that would be under loss of deposit. If you have to cancel or postpone your entire wedding, then you have the fully policy value to use towards all lost deposits.

Please check your spam or junk folder. If you can’t find your policy documents, kindly email us at and we will email you a new copy.

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