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Wedding Cancellation Insurance to Safeguard Your Special Day

Affordable Wedding Cancellation Insurance Starting at $75.


Even with careful planning unexpected events can derail your big day. eWed Insurance’s wedding cancellation insurance will cover non-refundable deposits and non-reimbursable expenses you may incur due to unforeseen circumstances, such as:

  • Extreme weather, including hurricanes and blizzards
  • Accidents or unanticipated illness that prevents an immediate family member from attending
  • Unexpected military deployment (withdrawal of leave)
  • Wedding venue or wedding vendor goes out of business (excludes Covid-19 related loses)

eWed Wedding Insurance provides coverage from the day you purchase your policy through the conclusion of your last wedding event, whether it’s the reception, after party or farewell brunch.

Wedding Cancellation Insurance & Postponement

Every wedding is unique, with details that are personalized to each couple. That’s why eWed Insurance offers a customized insurance policy, which allows each couple to tailor a plan to their needs.
With 10 levels of coverage for you to choose from, you can easily find an amount that matches your wedding budget, including the costs of all of your wedding events: rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, after party and farewell brunch.

Liability insurance, which many venues now require, can be purchased along with cancellation and postponement insurance.

Below are some of the different eWed Insurance coverage offers:

Loss of Non-Refundable Deposits
This wedding cancellation insurance coverage pays the non-refundable expenses incurred when the rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, wedding reception, after party or farewell brunch has to be canceled or postponed for reasons beyond your control. If the wedding is canceled for a covered reason, the honeymoon expenses will be covered too. Wedding cancellation insurance coverage is also provided for deposits paid to vendors who go out of business or don’t show up on the day of the wedding.

Wedding Photography and Videography
Your photos and video are the only tangible details that will last beyond the wedding day, so it’s important to protect your investment in a wedding photographer and videographer. If your photographer or videographer doesn’t show up on the day of your wedding, or doesn’t deliver your photos, video or album, eWed’s wedding cancellation insurance coverage will reimburse you your non-refundable deposit, pay the difference to cover a more expensive vendor, if necessary, and for the loss or damage of the original film or digital files.

Wedding-Day Attire and Jewelry
If your wedding dress, the groom’s tuxedo or your wedding-day jewelry, including wedding rings and heirlooms, get damaged or lost, eWed’s wedding cancellation insurance coverage will pay for the cost to repair, clean and replace them, up to your policy’s limit. This includes if your wedding dress salon goes out of business or loses your wedding dress and you need to shop for a new wedding dress and rush alterations. Jewelry coverage begins seven days before the wedding.

Wedding Gifts
After all the time your friends and family took to find the perfect wedding gift for you, don’t let lost, stolen or damaged gifts ruin the sentiment. eWed's wedding cancellation insurance will cover the cost of replacing and repairing your wedding gifts for the week before and the week after your wedding, whether they’re lost, stolen or damaged at the wedding venue, in your home or your car.

Extra Expenses
Even the most meticulous brides and grooms can be thrown a curve ball in the final weeks before the wedding. An unexpected mishap may cause last minute changes and expenses. eWed's wedding cancellation insurance program will cover additional expenditures so you can still have the wedding you’ve been dreaming of, without going over your budget!

Professional counseling
It’s not unheard of for a bride or groom to need professional medical help after the cancellation or postponement of your wedding. If a medical professional recommends counseling for your emotional well being, eWed Wedding Cancellation Insurance policies will cover the cost of your therapy for up to one year from the date of your wedding.

There are ten (10) levels of Wedding Cancellation Insurance available from eWed Insurance.

Coverage Level$5,000$10,000$15,000$20,000$25,000$30,000$35,000$50,000$75,000$100,000

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** Wedding Cancellation Insurance coverage is provided by a company with an A.M. Best Company rating of A++ (Superior)


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