I don’t see my event type listed on your website?

Don’t worry, we can provide insurance for a whole host of event types. Our ability to automatically issue insurance is limited to the event types listed on our website. If your event type is not listed, click here to download our custom insurance application.

How do I get a quote? How do I buy insurance?

Visit our homepage and simply click on the Quote & Buy Now button. You will be walked through a simple application that takes less than 3 minutes to complete. You are under no obligation to buy until you enter your credit card number and hit “Submit Payment”. The final step of the process will summarize the quote, show limits and …

What is first party property coverage and is it included?

First party property coverage provides protection for the Insured’s own property and is covered under eWed’s policy. One exception to this is for events at the Insured’s home or other real property owned by the Insured. Damage to the Insured’s property in this situation is not covered under the policy.

Can you explain a waiver of subrogation?

A Waiver of Subrogation is an endorsement to your liability policy that prohibits an insurance company from seeking reimbursement for paid claims from the venue’s insurance policy. You do not need to buy this coverage unless your venue’s contract is requiring you to do so.

What is med exp.?

Med Exp is no fault medical coverage for people (other than yourself) who are injured at your event. Sometimes a guess is injured at an event due to no fault other than their own or it’s simply an accident that no one caused. This is what Med Exp. can cover. If you are responsible for causing the injury, then you …

Does ewed insurance cover wedding gifts?

Yes, wedding gifts that are lost or damaged seven days prior to and seven days after your wedding are covered up to the applicable limit set forth in your policy. There is a limit on cash, checks, and gift cards. 

What is host liquor liability coverage?

Host Liquor Liability is included in all our policies for no additional charge and can cover you (the host) if you are sued for a liquor related injury or property damage. This coverage is for individuals and not for people or companies in the business of serving, selling or distributing alcohol. It’s important to remember that whoever is serving the …

What kind of losses are not covered by the policies?

Every type of insurance policy contains certain exclusions to coverage. The most common exclusion in all insurance policies is the exclusion for pre-existing or known conditions. That is, if the condition you are looking to make a claim on existed prior to purchasing the policy, then the condition is excluded from coverage. Cancellation and Postponement exclusions include the following: Covid-19 …

Can I get insurance through my homeowners policy?

You will need to ask your homeowners agent if it’s available. Keep in mind, coverage may be less through eWed and if you have to make a claim, with eWed your homeowners policy premiums won’t go up.

How close to my wedding or event can I purchase wedding insurance?

eWed Insurance’s wedding cancellation coverage can be purchased up to the day before your wedding. If purchased less than 14 days prior to the wedding date, there are exclusions for cancellation or postponement due to severe weather. eWed Liability Insurance’s wedding liability coverage can be purchased up to one (1) day prior to your event date. Both cancellation and liability coverage …

When should I buy wedding insurance?

It’s a good idea to purchase a policy as soon as you begin paying venue or vendor deposits. Caterers, photographers and other vendors usually require a significant non-refundable deposit up front, with the remainder due by the day of your wedding. Cancellation insurance can be purchased up to 2 years prior the wedding. Most people purchase Cancellation insurance as soon …

What is wedding insurance?

Wedding Insurance and Event Insurance provides you with financial protection in case of unforeseen circumstances turn your special day into a total disaster. There are two types of insurance that cover weddings and events: Cancellation Insurance also known as loss of deposit insurance and Liability Insurance.

How do I file a claim?

It’s actually really easy to file a claim with eWed Insurance. You can Simply visit our website and click on the claims button on the bottom of our homepage. We will respond to all claims in a timely manner so there are no delays in processing your claim.

How to choose a wedding insurance company?

When deciding who to purchase wedding insurance from you want to look at the amount of coverage provided, what types of situations are covered and the strength and reputation of both the company selling you the insurance and the insurance company underwriting the coverage. With eWed, you have best in class coverage in all categories.

How much is wedding insurance?  How much is event insurance for a wedding? How much is liability insurance for a wedding?

eWed’s liability insurance starts at only $119, and our cancellation insurance starts at $75 for $5,000 in coverage. All insurance has ZERO deductibles. To purchase insurance please click on this link to open an application. You will be walked through the application process which only takes about 3 minutes. After you complete your purchase, all policy documents will automatically be emailed to …

What does wedding insurance cover ? What wedding insurance should I get?

Wedding cancellation insurance protects you from financial loss if you need to postpone or cancel your wedding. Cancellation insurance can reimburse you for lost deposits due to factors like fires, floods, severe weather, accidents, injuries, unemployment, military deployment, vendor now-shows, vendor bankruptcies, etc. Liability insurance protects you from being held financially liable for property damage, medical expenses for bodily injury or …