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$4,113 Venue closed down
ID 42226

Hi eWed, 

We never expected to have what came of our son and fiancé’s wedding venue, and we feel very grateful we thought to purchase the wedding insurance at eWed! It was extremely hurtful and sad what happened, but through it all, you all at eWed turned what was sad to a very happy and thankful bride and groom! Ethan was extremely kind and empathetic to the situation and the whole experience was a wonderful result receiving back our full venue price we had paid. Thank you to you and your entire staff. 

Thank you!
Stephanie G.

$24,951 Hurricane / weather issue
ID 37622

Our wedding was cancelled due to a hurricane making landfall on the day of our wedding. State-of-emergency, closures and evacuations caused a lot of stress and headaches for us, as well as generally being an emotional result to our special day. Thank goodness our wedding planner had us buy cancellation insurance for our event!!!  

Ethan our insurance contact was great to work with and we were able to easily and quickly get all of our vendor documentation and proof of expenditures organized and submitted. He reached out quickly after we made our claim and the whole process was done within 30 days! I really appreciated being able to speak on the phone when I had questions as well, as well as being guided through the process. Being a smooth and helpful experience helped us move forward after the traumatic event of cancelling a wedding and has been a huge peace of mind. We would have been lost without this insurance coverage!

Thank you!
Olivia R.

$371 Vendor issue
ID 40412

eWed Insurance was great to work with. The online application was easy and user friendly. When we had a small claim with backup receipts, there was no hassle, and we received a check promptly.
Would highly recommend,

Thank you!
Margie L.

$904 Damage to venue parking lot fence
ID 38076

Our experience with the claim was reached quickly and the couple are definitely glad that they bought their policy from eWed.

Thank you!
Michael K.

$300 Vendor issue (bankruptcy)
ID 30990

I decided to get wedding insurance as a "just in case" measure, especially after all the cancellations during the highs and lows of the pandemic. In the end, I'm very glad I did after a completely unforeseen circumstance involving legal issues with one of my vendors. Instead of deciphering the lengthy legal process that would possibly return the money I spent, I filed a claim and was quickly paid the amount of my deposit. Insurance is great to have "just in case" and eWed Insurance was very easy to work with.

Thank you!
Amber P.

$550 Covid Lock-down
ID 20579

I was referred to Wedding Insurance by my wedding planning app. I looked at a few different companies and found eWed has the best coverage for my wedding needs. We had the policy for almost a year when Covid-19 hit. I had just paid the rest of my Venue's remaining balance and put down deposits to book all our vendors the same week the State of Emergency was declared. 1 month after the SoE, my venue canceled our reservations. I was devastated, my $10k fairytale wedding was no more. I got onto the eWed website to start my claim. Their rep was helpful, understanding and wasted no time to get our claim filed. She got us back the money we had lost from the venue and vendors being canceled. Within days we had our money back with no hassle!

Thank you eWed for your help, you are life savers!
Heather G.

$7,500 Property damage to venue
ID: 40996

Wow! Was I relieved. EWed was the best thing that I bought for my event. We had a wonderful reception in a beautiful historic home and I didn't find out until the next day that someone had tossed a child into the air and knocked off crystal parts of an original chandelier. All innocent, but sheesh, the assessors and insurers for the building were wringing their hands and the damage was going to cost. I apprised eWed of the situation and they responded immediately and worked with the venue. I was talking to real people at eWed in real time. They were responsive and quick and available. It took a little time for the venue people to settle on damages, but as soon as they did, eWed solved their problem, and mine. I got my full deposit back, $2500. I also appreciated that eWed had told the venue that they should return my deposit up front. That gave me confidence that eWed was on my side. However, the venue did not return my deposit until eWed had settled with them. EWed gave me peace of mind. It is not expensive for such a large event. I would recommend it to anyone.

Many thanks to the folks at eWed!
Priscilla M.

$14,000 Property damage to venue
ID: 48229

We own a wedding venue in GA and we highly recommend EWed insurance. They are the only vendor for insurance we have on our preferred vendor list. We just had a claim and they were easy to work with and sent us a check in a timely manner. Great folks!!

Thank you!
Anna O.

$5,000 Injury to a guest
ID: 44262

The eWed Wedding and Special Event program is a productive resource for our agency. The platform is simple and intuitive for our clients.  A competitive, comprehensive policy with the necessary risk transfer coverages can be put in place with necessary bind and evidence documents in hand within minutes.

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